Get the most out of Prop-Tech with quality data, at scale

Customized, Actionable Datasets for Real Estate Wins

Whether it’s helping your best customer find their favorite homes quicker or decoding the pulse of the market as a whole, prop-tech excellence starts with superior data, at scale.

Whether it’s aggregating information from traditional listing sites, or tracking unfiltered opinions from social media – with each dataset, your tech will deliver valuable insights that the people can rely on.

Benefits of web scraping for Prop-tech in Real Estate

Boost Efficiency

Ditch the repetitive clicking and free up your team to focus on higher-level tasks that drive real value for your business.

Enhance Data Accuracy

Make better business decisions. Eliminate human error from the equation and ensure your data is clean, consistent, and reliable.

Uncover Hidden Gems

Gain a deeper understanding of your market. Automate data extraction and unlock insights you may have missed with manual scraping.

Fast Track your Success

No need to reinvent the wheel - hit the ground running. Get started quickly with our pre-built RPA bots tailored to your industry niche.


Do more with quality data at your disposal

Analyzing Sentiment through Social Media Mentions

With the actionable data from customer reviews, ratings, feedback, and brand mentions in social media, you can understand the market’s perception towards...

Lead Generation with Data

Boost sales with targeted leads using web scraping. Extract high-quality data from Google Maps, Yelp, LinkedIn, and more.

Property Price Tracking with Data

Empower Your Real Estate Decisions with Grepsr's Reliable Property Price Data from Zillow and Trulia.


Here's what our customers say about us


We want to remain a leader in a highly competitive industry and hence one of our chief responsibilities is to provide clean and accurate data to our clients. It is very critical for our business to acquire data on time.

Khyati S. Engineering Manager, Retail

The efficiency is unparalleled. Grepsr gets me the data I need in record time. The support staff at Grepsr is great! Anytime there is an issue (which isn’t often), they’re always quick to respond.

Gayatri K. Analyst, Computer Software

The best thing about Grepsr is the personal, engaged service we receive. Unlike most tolls which are mere dashboards that require endless loops of communication with “customer service” reps, Grepsr staff are just an email away. They reply immediately and undertake the solution completely.

David R. CEO

I feel constantly updated about my request – Prompt replies by reps. The team is great and we appreciate the quick turnaround.

Priyanka V. Consultant

I worked with Grepsr to undertake a one-time extraction of data through web scraping for references made to keywords across four websites of Multilateral Development Banks. Grepsr scraped vast volumes of data over 65,000 PDF documents and provided final files of scraped data in the format I desired. This data scraped by Grepsr will have a profound impact on my research.

Shruti M. Postgraduate Researcher

Put an end to your web scraping woes

With more than 12 years of dedicated service to enterprises’ data sourcing needs, we have the proficiency to adeptly collect and deliver top-tier web data.

Empower your business with data-driven decisions. Whether you’re a startup or a large international enterprise, our services can assist you in:

  • Scaling your capacity to meet growing demands
  • Automating labor-intensive workflows
  • Optimizing your current data collection systems for improved ROI
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