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Grepsr: A Brief Story

Launched in 2012, Grepsr is a data management start-up based in Nepal and focused on web crawling. It has been an enriching experience for us to operate our services from the city of Kathmandu with its unique art, architecture, and cultural life.

We have been benefited by the experience of working with various kinds of businesses—national and multi-national, Fortune 500 and mid size, well known and emerging. This has helped us to further outline our goals, achieve them, and update our services with newer features. The rest about Grepsr comes in this brief visual story:


A collection of articles, announcements and updates from Grepsr

Welcome To The (New) Grepsr Blog

Hello, Grepsr friends and family, and welcome to the next chapter of Grepsr Blog! It may not look much different yet, but we’re ramping up our editorial operation. Over the next few months you’ll see more posts, more announcements and analysis, more writing, and even new forms of content here. We’re still hammering out all the […]