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Grepsr Updates — May 2019

A short update about a few minor tweaks to Grepsr apps:

As Grepsr continues to grow, we aim to become your one-stop solution for all things data:

  • Via its intuitive point-and-click interface, Grepsr for Chrome hands over the reins to users so they can extract data off simple, structured websites.
  • Through Grepsr Concierge, users are able to request custom extractions from more complex websites. These projects are set up and delivered by Grepsr’s team of seasoned specialists.
  • Then we launched Grepsr Realtime earlier this year to give our users an even quicker way to access web data — by converting any website into easy-to-use APIs.

We’ve recently integrated all of our apps on to a convenient unified platform. Users are now able to navigate to their favourite Grepsr apps right from the sidebar. We’ve also tried to preserve user experience by maintaining a consistent look and feel across our apps’ interfaces.

While signing up, new users are now prompted to set a strong password. We’ve added a password strength indicator with the following criteria to ensure this:

  • Must be at least SIX characters long
  • Must contain at least ONE of each of the following:
    • upper-case characters (A-Z)
    • lower-case characters (a-z)
    • special characters (!, @, #, etc.)
    • numbers (0-9)

Our login and sign up screens are also getting a much needed (and long overdue, we know!) face-lift. So expect a new design in the very near future.

In addition, we’ve implemented Auth0 for user authentication and authorization. This not only makes our apps even more secure and protects user identities, but it also enables Single Sign-On and Single Logout, meaning logging in or out via any one of our apps works for all the other apps in our suite.
For more information on Auth0, you can refer to their documentation.

About Grepsr

Grepsr is a data acquisition platform specializing in the extraction of web data from almost all industry sectorsat scaleGet in touch with your requirements, and we’re sure we can work out a solution for you.


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