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Sneak peak at the all new Grepsr, launching May 2013

It’s been a busy year for all of us at Grepsr! We may not have been active with keeping everyone up-to-date with what’s happening, but we’ve silently been working on a few things behind the scenes.

We are a bootstrapped startup with a small but efficient team. Sometimes we get so consumed with daily operations at Grepsr that do not get the time to update our blog. Bad habit, I know!

Things will change as we grow into a bigger company. We will soon be processing our 50 millionth data stream! We are very thrilled with this milestone – especially because this traction has mostly come from users who’ve referred other users to our service. We have not done any serious marketing push for our product yet, it’s almost been like a “closed beta” for the last one year!

We’re also very happy to releasing a completely new and simplified version of Grepsr in May 2013. We launched Grepsr back in 2012, and after 1 year of thorough usage and tons of suggestions from our valued customers, we’ve incorporated lots of changes into the product. I am sure these changes will go a long way in improving the overall user experience. Here are some of the things we’ve worked on:

  1. User Experience – We decided to completely re-do the user experience so that everything from project creation to data delivery is painless. You will now find everything in one place. Not to forget, support for mobile devices.
  2. Speed! Speed! Speed! – We’ve had some growing pains. Some of our users who have had lots of data with us would know. We’ve completely optimized the way we store our data. Now there are virtually no noticeable load times for millions of records.
  3. Search – Search is not our core business but we’ve spent some time optimizing our backend so that you can search for data fast. The last time we benchmarked, we could search 80 million records in less than a second!
  4. Browser Plugin – Our previous browser plugins were not that well integrated, and our users had a hard time using it. This time we’ve fixed all of that, and you can now easily take web page snapshots from anywhere!

We will upload some screenshots of the new version soon. If you are an existing customer and would like to try the new version out, please drop us an email.