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Data Mining for Developing Business Intelligence

The growing use of digital technologies in every sphere of life has resulted in the rapid escalation of digital data.[…]

Knowledge Base

How Grepsr Works: A Brief Introduction

Web crawling and data extraction services at Grepsr are simple, quick, hassle free and intuitive. We focus on providing top--quality[…]


Web Scraping: Why is Service Better Option than Software?

Data Discovery Holds the Future An overwhelming proportion of data that businesses use for the purpose of developing business insights[…]


Web Scraping vs API

  • By Amit
  • December 12, 2013

Every system you come across today has an API already developed for their customers or it is at least in[…]


Web Crawling Software or Web Crawling Service

Some people ask us if we are a "service" or a "software". We simply tell them - we are a[…]